WELCOME! My newest novel, "The Devil Wears Red: Book Three of the Tewkesbury Chronicles," is now available on Amazon.

In this third novel of the Tewkesbury Chronicles trilogy, it is 1781, and the French have sailed to New England to assist the struggling Continental Army in its quest to defeat the British. Privateering is a lucrative pastime for seamen along the Connecticut coast, and Patriots risk their lives to steadfastly ply the shores of Long Island Sound. Our Patriot family of the Whites and the Tewkesburys from books I and II of the Tewkesbury Chronicles, is deeply embedded in privateering efforts. The young widow, Rebecca Tewkesbury, risks losing love again, while her sister, the independent-minded and ever-adventurous Mehti, comes of age. But sinister elements invade their lives and the traitorous Benedict Arnold invades New London and Groton, Connecticut.

Rated 5 Stars by Readers Favorite...

"Jo Gillespie is a master storyteller with a gift of making history come alive in the reader's mind crafting characters that readers would want to journey with and a plot that keeps them turning the pages. The writing is great, laced with powerful descriptions and lovely dialogues. Thes tory is emotionally intense and the characters are deeply explored, and readers will be captivated by their psychological depth. I enjoyed the historical setting which comes vividly through the narrative. The emotion is as exacting as the intensity of the action that fills the pages of this gripping story. The Devil Wears Red: Book Three of the Tewkesbury Chronicles is well paced and I enjoyed the strong conflict and how it moves the story. This is a great story that will offer readers a wonderful reading experience."


If you enjoyed my first novel, the award-winning When Revolution Calls, you'll want to read the sequel, Revolution Rising, Book Two of the Tewkesbury Chronicles. Here's the descrition:


Bloodied footprints in the snow attest to the perseverance of the Continental Army, steadfastly encamped at Valley Forge in the winter of 1778. As with the first book in the Tewkesbury Chronicles, When Revolution Calls, our heroes and heroines continue their sacrifice in the fight for liberty, exacting a toll that would turn their world upside down. In Revolution Rising, Rebecca White and Oliver Tewkesbury find each other again, but not under the best of circumstances. Revolution Rising is an adventurous story of perseverance in the face of formidable odds, and the depth and meaning of genuine compassion in human relationships.


Available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

Revolution Rising has also been rated five stars by Readers Favorite. Reviewer Paul Johnson, had the following to say:


"I love period fiction. Many times however, the subsequent books in a series don't always live up to the original.  This was definitely not the case. I think this one was even better than the first. Revolution Rising is a daring story of courage in the face of dreadful odds, but shows the tenacity and bravery of those who gave up so much to create a new nation...The plot is extremely well done with a major twist toward the end. I found it to be a very enjoyable read."


My first novel, When Revolution Calls, (Book One of the Tewkesbury Chronicles) was Rated 5

stars by Paul Johnson of Readers Favorites. Read his comments below -


"As a lover of period or historical fiction, I looked forward to reading this book set in New York and New England during the time of the American Revolution. Jo Gillespie's research on the period is outstanding. Within this setting, she has created compelling characters and realistic dialogue. The plotting is simple but enjoyable and shows another side to what historians have labeled a dark time in American history. The ending leaves the reader wanting more, like the first of any series should. I look forward to reading sequel after sequel."

When Revolution Calls


Colonial New England is in revolt, not only against the British, but in many other aspects of life as well, as ardent patriot, Oliver Tewkesbury, unceasingly strives to answer the call to serve his fledgling country. The townspeople of Granville, Connecticut send Oliver and two young local comrades off to join up with Washington’s forces in New York. The enthusiastic patriots face unforeseen trials and an unanticipated fate, as Rebecca White faithfully awaits Oliver’s return, knowing he is already betrothed to another.


Revolution indeed! In Granville, congregants rebel against their officious loyalist minister, and young women thirst for a cultural transition toward educational parity and inclusion. But life becomes so fragile that God is summoned by all, Tory and Whig alike, as the hardships of war take their toll.


Available on Amazon.com in paperback and on Kindle.

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All three of my novels, When Revoluton Calls, Revolution Rising, and The Devil Wears Red have received 5-star ratings from  Readers' Favorites.  Awesome!


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