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Kirkus Review on Revolution Rising

“Gillespie gives readers a well-rounded view of the revolutionary experience and does so especially well. The spycraft is entertaining, as is seeing how Washington’s bedraggled soldiers become a disciplined army, but the essential contributions of nurses, cooks, and seamstresses are also effectively brought out. Disease, starvation, cold, and heatstroke are also given due attention.” – Kirkus Reviews


Roger Zotti, book reviewer for The Resident newspaper of Mystic, Connecticut had the following to say about Revolution Rising:


"Intelligently written, meticulously researched..."  and written "with an acute eye for detail."  See the entire review below.

Below are just a few reviews I received for my first novel, When Revoutioon Calls. Please take a moment to read through them.

"I loved this book! Jo Gillespie's "When Revolution Calls" is a well-written historical fiction novella, filled with interesting characters. Ms. Gillespie has taken the time to do her research and has penned a tale that is both realistic to the times and exciting to read. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. Never dry or dull, the clever writing encouraged me to turn each page, anxiously wanting to find out what happens next. I am now waiting for the sequel! Great job, Ms. Gillespie!"


"I wasn't quite sure how this fictional revolutionary war book would be. Let me tell you its a must read. The writers words have you flowing through the chapters and when you complete one Mrs. Gillespie leaves you wanting more.It wasn't your typical boring war novel. I truly hope this author continues her writtings..."


"I greatly enjoyed this book of historical fiction set in New York and New England during the time of the American Revolution. Jo Gillespie's thorough research and her ability to create compelling characters are evident throughout the story. I enjoyed reading about the young soldiers who left home to join the Patriot Army with General Washington in New York and about their families and friends at home in Connecticut who lived more ordinary lives during a turbulent, exciting time in American history. The book is short (228 pages) and a pleasure to read."


"This was the first book in a very long time that caught my attention from the first page. There were so many facets to this story that I had never thought about before while learning about the revolutionary war. Things like how it affected small communities, how it could take a year before a parent would hear from their son who was off fighting the war, how disease impacted the battle, mostly reading about how strong people felt for what they believed in. Take the time to read this book, it is really a well written, interesting story."


"I was made aware of this book by a friend on FaceBook and I can't tell you just how thankful I am. Unsure of what I was about to encounter, I dove in, and was instantly hooked by the life and times of the White family. When Revolution Calls is an engrossing, exceptionally written piece of historical fiction, that with elegant depth, transforms you into each character, and places you on their time-transcending battlefields of love, loss, suffering, and survival. I can not wait to read more from Jo Gillespie!"

This article appeared in The Resident newspaper out of Mystic, Connecticut shortly after publishing my first novel. The headline was quite positive!

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